Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Toronto


Niko’s full Sodding (lawn replacement) service is available for the residents of Toronto and GTA area since 2004. Our meticulous Grass Lawn Install process covers all important aspects of Sodding (it may seem simple, but to install a lawn that will last requires superb materials, proper preparation, and seamless sod laying execution).

Considering the substantial materials investment (and that’s before we consider the time and tools required for proper Sodding), it might make sense to get a well-trained and well equipped sod laying crew for your lawn install.

Get Your Free Sodding Estimate Now!


Niko's crew laying Sod near TorontoSod Laying (Sodding) is a detailed process that not only involves expensive materials (Sod, Soil, lawn fertilizer), but is also very labor intensive.

we urge you to get a free Sodding estimate for a professional crew to install your new lawn in Toronto.

Our minimum Grass Sod Laying job size is 300 sqft, and up to 10,000 sqft (our biggest job to-date). Our specialization is in residential and light commercial projects. If you are not sure about the size of your Sodding project, give us a call.


Niko's Sod Laying job in TorontoHaving sodded hundreds of new grass lawns in Toronto, we’ve developed a well-defined and structured Sod Laying process. A process that extends far beyond simply placing a roll of Sod on the ground.

Our Sod Laying crews are supported by several team members whose responsibility is to provide full customer support before, during, and after a lawn installation project is done.

We believe in service quality and word of mouth as major opportunities for growth, and so – every single one of our Sodding (Lawn Replacement) customers in Toronto, gets the full high quality sod laying service possible – the kind we would like to receive ourselves.

Niko's sod laying crews are at your service!Sodding in Toronto can be done anytime between April and November. That’s the beauty and the convenience of Sod. 

If you wish to get your Sodding underway first thing in the Spring, it is best to get a sod laying estimate (ours is free) and clear all details as early as March. We will be glad to come out, measure things up, and provide a detailed offer.

In addition, every time we complete a Sodding project in Toronto, we convey detailed instructions on how to care for your newly installed grass lawn during the first & most critical weeks, as well as how to maintain & fertilize it in the months & years to come. Along with the instructions, we are always available by phone & email (and even in person if needed), to support the growth process of your newly installed lawn.

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