Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Newmarket


Niko’s Sodding Service is available to residents of Newmarket since 2004 and all you need to do is fill out the form below to receive a free sodding estimate!

We’ve laid A LOT of Sod in Newmarket during our 12 years of service. Our grass lawn repair and replacement service comes with complete customer support before, during and long after your beautiful lawn is created!

Our meticulous Lawn Installation process covers all important aspects of Sodding (it may seem simple, but to install a lawn that lasts requires high quality materials, proper preparation, and seamless sod laying execution).

Fresh, healthy and thick turf around your house generates oxygen, reduces noise levels, and helps to cool your house by absorbing excess sun light!

We are highly recommended and provide one of the highest quality Sodding (Turfing) services available throughout the GTA, with our focus on top quality Sod and Soils, as well as fantastic post-installation service and support.

Get a Free Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Estimate Now:

Having 12 years of experience has helped us improve every year. We have a professional crew of team members with lots of experience who will help make your lawn look perfect.

We know that a beautiful green lawn is important to curb appeal and the general feeling of home, so we use only the highest quality products and of course, they are pesticide-free.

Unlike other companies, we don’t use Triple-Mix or Top Soil. We use Grow-Max which contains 43% organic matter versus others which are only 23%. We are also proud to announce that Grow-Max is now CERTIFIED ORGANIC!

What Do We Offer?

We Offer:
-Free advice and sodding estimates
-Highest quality soil and freshly cut sod
-Online estimating and billing
-Superb customer service and ongoing support (long after we’re done)

 How is the Estimate Calculated? 

Because each property and client are unique, we take the time to measure the property, assess the quality of soil, evaluate the level of weed infestation, raccoon risk, etc – to provide you with the most authentic sodding quote.

Project size, quality of existing soil and grading issues are all elements affecting the cost of Sodding (Turfing) a new lawn. Our General Manager Greg goes above and beyond to guarantee that everything is done the way you want it!


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