Sodding (Lawn Replacement) Brampton


Since 2004, we have been exercising our grass lawn repair and replacement services in Brampton!
We accentuate high quality work and use the finest materials available to guarantee a healthy and sustainable grass lawn from the ground up!

Our experience in Sodding Brampton’s lawns lets us effectively deal with the challenges seen by Clay Soil, Raccoons, and grading issues – all to create a sustainable lawn, that is to be admired for many years to come.

We get fantastic feedback from our customers for what we do and we do it with high quality service, quality materials and confidence!

Fresh, healthy and thick grass lawn around your house generates oxygen, reduces noise levels, and helps to cool your house by absorbing excess sun light!

We are highly recommended and provide one of the highest quality Sodding (lawn replacing) services available throughout Brampton, with our focus on top quality Sod and Soils, as well as great post-installation service and support.

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Sod, also known as Turf is ready-made grass that is delivered over from a sod farm in a rolled shape. After proper preparation the sod is rolled over like a carpet and from day one provides a gorgeous and colourful lawn!

Growing Turf on a farm allows for perfectly controlled environment, where thick, strong and healthy Turf can be produced. On the day of the job, sod is delivered directly to the sodding site, providing us with the optimal conditions to create the greatest turf possible on your property.

By choosing the highest possible quality soils and fertilizers, and only same-day Sod, we set the right foundation for your grass lawn to remain green and healthy for years.

Our largest Sodding job measures over 10,000 sq. ft! We are knowledgeable and experienced in everything to do with Turf installation (Sodding) in Brampton and the GTA.

What We Have to Offer:
-Free advice and sodding estimates
-Highest quality soil and freshly cut sod
-Online estimating and billing
-Superb customer service and ongoing support (long after we’re done)

Unlike other companies, we don’t use Triple-Mix or Top Soil. We use Grow-Max which contains 43% organic matter versus others which are only 23%. We are also proud to announce that Grow-Max is now CERTIFIED ORGANIC!

Due to the fact that each client and property is unique, we take the time to measure the property, assess the quality of soil, evaluate the level of weed infestation, raccoon risk, etc – to provide you with the most accurate sodding estimate.

Project size, quality of existing soil and grading issues are all elements affecting the cost of Sodding (Turfing) a new lawn. Our General Manager Greg goes above and beyond to certify that everything is done well!

  • We prepare the land, which is super important for a successful sodding job. In order for the turf (sod) to remain green over time, the soil must be rich with minerals, so the roots would take and have enough nutrients to continue their growth. For that reason, we use Grow max– a wonderful material for use in sodding, planting etc. Grow-Max is the highest quality of soil for Sodding (turf installation) in Brampton and the GTA area.
  • Next, the land is leveled using a heavy roller. The grading is done according to plan designs or customer specifications.
  • Prior to the installation of sod, the freshly leveled soil is enriched by a natural, phosphorus reach fertilizer, to encourage healthy and speedy growth.  Our fertilizers are natural, and most certainly pesticide-free.
  • Finally, we install the sod (turf), and instantly, you have a brand new lawn!


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