Sodding Service

Our professional Sod Laying (Sodding) Service is available in Toronto and GTA area.

We are known for our high quality work, achieved through the use of best soil and sod available. Our work methodology allows us to effectively deal with the Clay Soil, Raccoons, and grading issues – all for our Sodding work to result in a sustainable lawn.

What is sod?

Sod also known as Turf is a ready-made grass, that is brought over from a sod farm in a rolled shape. Growing Turf on a farm allows for perfectly controlled environment, where thick, strong, and healthy Turf can be created. The proximity of Sod farms to Toronto, allows for fresh Sod to be delivered right to the Toronto Sodding site, on the day of the job, providing us with optimal conditions to create the best turf possible around your house.

What is Sodding (Sod Laying)?

Niko's Sodding team at workSodding is the most effective method to create a new lawn. Following proper preparation, the sod is rolled over like a carpet, and from day one it is a thick green lawn. There simply is no other practical way of creating a quality lawn.

Critical to make sure that the proper foundation for Sodding is set – where our expertise comes to play.

Our 4-step Sodding process is the result of our 10 years of experience, consulting with industry specialists, and extensive trial and error. It’s a simple, cost effective, high-quality Sodding service, which we are delighted to extend to home owners in Toronto and GTA area.

Is our Sod Laying service of a value to you?

Niko's sodding trucks on new-turf installation site in MississaugaOver the years, our Sodding Crews have laid thousands of square feet of Sod. Our biggest Sodding job so far measures over 10,000 square feet and smallest is 300! We are experienced and knowledgeable in everything to do with Turf installation (Sodding) in Toronto and the GTA, and we offer an unparalleled level of communication and customer service:

  • Free consultation and sodding estimate
  • Top quality soil (Grow-Max), and freshly cut Zander’s sod
  • Top-industry customer service and an ongoing support (long after we are done)
  • Online estimating and billing and tickets support

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