Weed Control and Solutions


It seems that this year more than ever we are affected by hay fever and air born allergens. Mostly it is because of the wide spread of weeds this year. Last year we had a drought that killed a lot of grass and since grass became dead or weak it gave way to a large amount of weeds all across the GTA.

While we did an extensive blog about the different types of weeds, if you need a refresher please visit the link here, sometimes you just need general information to keep your lawn healthy by controlling weed infestation.

Firstly it has to be said, but Ontario has banned pesticides for sometime now, leaving many homeowners and business owners without a fast solution. While its great for the overall health of our land it can be tricky finding the right solution for your lawn.

Here are a few points that everyone needs to know regarding how to keep your lawn strong and healthy, consequently removing the weed problem:

  1. WATER–  Yes we did have a really rainy May and April, but generally we don’t get enough rain in southern Ontario to keep lawns healthy. Having said that, some find it hard to water their lawn on a regular basis. We all know its time consuming and can be expensive to install sprinklers. Consider investing in a timed sprinkler, you can buy one from Home Depot, Canadian Tire, or Lowe’s, they start as low as $20.
  2. Fertilizing– You need proper nutrition to be healthy, and so do animals and you guessed it so does grass. Your lawn needs nutrients and it cant get it from the air. You should fertilize at least 3 times a season.
  3. Lawn Aeration– Ever notice as you walk by a lawn and it has plugs dropped all around it, it means that this particular lawn has had aeration done to it. Its a simple processes where a machine removes equally sized plugs from the lawn. The holes that the machine makes allow for water, and fertilizer to seep deeper, and by leaving the plugs on the lawn it mixes top and bottom soil which renews the soil.
  4. Dethatching (Power Raking to remove dead grass)– Especially when wet grass is cut, we often find dead grass lying in between new grass. If left for too long the new grass chokes and dies as well. Remove the dead grass every so often by either raking or thatching your lawn.

This is a short summary of some of the things that you need to do every season to keep your lawn strong and healthy to avoid weeds. For a complete list click here or if you have any questions regarding any of these items you can always reach us here.


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