How to Battle With Wasps in Your Lawn

We recently received several questions surrounding wasps around lawns so we will try and help out with ways to battle this issue. You usually see wasps around your lawn for 1 of 3 reasons (or all 3 if you are incredibly unlucky).

  1. Wasps search for food in your grass. So if you have insects, larvae or grubs in your lawn its not a bad thing to see wasps. They will eat those little buggers and help you keep your lawn healthy. In order to avoid this reason for a visit, you need to keep the bugs off your lawn. For ways to do that please visit out blog on Grass Insects: How to Identify and Treat.
  2. Also related to food, however, less pleasant, wasps maybe searching for sugar. Fallen fruit, garbage, spoiled drink or food will attract wasps. The best solution is to keep your grass clean off of any fallen fruit or any garbage.
  3. Lastly they maybe just plain and simple nesting. Some types of wasps are ground- burrowing wasps and could be using your backyard as a home, and they aren’t even paying rent, how rude! Make sure your lawn is dense and watch out for mounds of soil.

Let us know how you manage with these little creatures and Good Luck!


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