Time to seal your driveway! Let Niko’s team take care of that for you!

Niko's: Sodding & lawn maintenance

Mid to Late summer is the best time to start thinking about preparing your property for the winter. Sealing helps to protect your asphalt-paved driveway from the corrosive effects of salt, sharp temperature fluctuations, and the destructive effects of the sun.

Using a tar-based driveway sealant assures a lasting effect, as it binds to the asphalt, and wraps it in a protective blanket.

Driveway before sealing

Prior to the driveway sealing application, weDriveway after sealing application thoroughly clean up the driveway from any debris, and if required – fill the cracks with a special crack-filler (which prevent water from seeping under the asphalt, and wrecking havoc on the driveway as it freezes and expands). Finally, a quality tar-based sealant is applied. The driveway may be used within 24 hours of the drive-way sealing application.

Why Driveway sealing with us?

Just like in anything else we do, we use top quality materials (tar based sealant) and equipment (spray-on application) to assure superb sealing results, and back our hard work with superior customer service delivering full customer satisfaction time after time.
The experience of dealing with us is hassle free (we are very nice), convenient (we bill online), and safe (we’ve been around for over 11 years now).

For more information please visit our website here.

Contact us at 1800-277-2114 or by email at info@nikosgardening.ca


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