How to avoid re-sodding your lawn every two years

If you installed a lawn less than two years ago, it looked dead half of the time and its time to re-sod again – you already know why the lowest-price contractor is far from ideal. Properly installed and well maintained lawn can live for many many years. The secret lies in high-quality Sod, and Soil as well as correct soil preparation.

Sodding Lawn Installation Your lawn is where your kids make their childhood memories, where you enjoy summer with friends, what neighbors admire when they pass by. Unless its barely green, full of bare patches, and dies down every time it gets a bit hot or cold – sure sign of poor materials, weak sod, and irregular maintenance.

In our Sodding work, we use Grow Max Soil and Sod from Zander’s farm. It makes our projects more expensive, but it also enables our customers to enjoy a thick, healthy, luscious green lawn for many years. All they need to do is to fertilize and mow it regularly.

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